Teenage Pregnancy:Our Fault or Their Fault?

GOD says to NOAH after the great flood.What does HE really means to that word?Does He mean to multiply in flesh or spread people’s faith.
That quote from the bible has been the excuse of Catholicism for not using contraception and banning abortion.
Even sexual education.

We have to be realistic in life,staying virgin until you got married is very impossible to happen these days.
Teenagers in 21st century are very impulsive and very eager to try new things and stuff.
We are civilized people yet we pretend to be ignorant when it comes to SEX.Ignorant that our teenage children may have the possibilities to be engaged in sexual activity by the time they reached the age of 16,or even younger.
We FILIPINOS lacks of knowledge when it comes to contraception and often dismissed our children when they asked question about it.
We are very confident that our teenage children will never be engaged in sexual activity because they are too young and we teach them values about GOD.


Teenagers are easy to encourage as they lack of experience and very eager to do things that may seem new to them.

My point is,why catholics banned sexual education when the vision of this education is how to prevent unwanted pregnancy by the means of contraception.Sex education does’nt encourage teenagers to get pregnant and have an abortion afterwards,right??

And in my opinion,it’s up to teenager’s choice whether to have an abortion or not.Why does she have to continue on pregnancy if she is unable to provide her baby’s basic needs because she’s still studying.

To anyone who will read this article,I dare asked you:IS IT OUR FAULT THAT WE,ELDERS

Actually we have our own insights in everything that happen to us,,, Teenage Pregnancy:Our Fault or Their Fault?. I guess there is no wrong decision when it happen already. Why? It’s already done! that’s it. Searching of who is wrong or right is not the point. There are teenagers who are weak in terms of decision making but they did not run from their responsibilities, on the otherhand there are also coward.
To continue living in this world we don’t stop in making decisions.
Teenage Pregnancy:Our Fault or Their Fault?. It’s not the elders fault nor the teenagers’ fault.


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